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Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions

Morning person? Or night owl?  I am unreservedly more of a night owl. It never matters how early I go to bed, how much sleep I get, how well I sleep, etc… I do not bound merrily from bed. It takes me at least an hour or two to accelerate into a day. 

Going-out or Staying-in?  I’ll admit that I do trend towards staying-in, but with the right companion(s) I absolutely love a night out at a nice wine/cocktail bar or restaurant. (I am a verified sucker for long and lazy coursed meals with good company.) 

Any pets?  Very much so! Five cats. 

FIVE?? Whoa. Why do you have so many damn cats??  Hey, I know it sounds ridiculous; but this was never the intent. They started out as two sets of siblings that needed homes, that’s why. Two brothers + two sisters = immediate four kitty family. 

Nine years later, Ginger Rogers (Gin) was found trying to live under our deck as a wee orphan kitten. After exactly two days of putting out food for her, she was talking/purring, trying to climb into my lap, and following me back to the house. We searched for a reliably good/safe home for her, but to no avail. She was a chatty, cuddly sweetheart, and we did not want to risk her life at a shelter (since the various no-kills in our area only take from the shelters, it would have been a gamble.)

All kitties get along very well aside from the mild squabble here and there. And they all absolutely love talking at / spending time around people… ill comprehending that not every person necessarily loves them back. 

Do you like dogs? I actually love dogs. But I admit I am probably inherently better suited to living with cats. Besides — with five kitties (four of whom are 10 years old and never lived with a dog), adding another pet becomes a bit of a logistical issue. For now I appreciate friends’ dogs.

What’s your favorite season?  Other than Awards? **joke courtesy of Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek** My favorite season is autumn. Easily. Sunny, but cool and breezy; sweaters and layering jackets; chic boots; red wine; warm comfort food cooked in big pots; blankets; fires. 

So is “sunny, but cool and breezy” your favorite type of weather?  Certainly one of them. But my absolute favorite is probably cloudy/rainy days that aren’t too cold. I have a strong melancholic vein running through my psyche, and so I find rainy days peaceful and reflective. I also love nighttime thunderstorms.

Have you ever broken any bones?  I have never broken a bone. Never even twisted a wrist or ankle. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?  For most of my childhood I wanted to be an Olympic equestrian. I even took riding lessons for years (and showed in Horsemanship.) I quit riding in high school. Because teen girl = dumb choices sometimes. At one point I wanted to design zoos. Flirted with the idea of chemistry. But from about teenage years onward I largely wanted to be involved in writing and film in some respect. 

So what’s your sign?  *sigh* I am a Taurus. And while I will not go into my whole chart, for those who care about / are into such things, you can also know that my moon is in Taurus as well. And I am a Virgo rising. Make of all that what you will.  

Coffee? Tea? Both?  I prefer coffee. And I usually drink it black. I admit I have a hard time with tea. I don’t have the palate developed for it. Most tea just takes like unpalatable dirt water to me. 

Do you have a silly superpower? Alas, I do not think I have found mine yet. I have high hopes that one day I’ll figure it out though…

Favorite sport? Generally speaking not into sports. Although! I did start attending curling clinics a couple years ago, and absolutely fell in love with it. Other than that, I will occasionally watch soccer; and I like going to a baseball game now and then — but I need to physically be there, with a drink and hotdogs and friends; I don’t expend energy following it or watching it on tv.

Do you play video and/or tabletop games?  I have played every. single. Bioware title and (more often than not) loved it. Overall, I’m inclined towards RPGs that story/character focus. Either that, or I swing the other direction and enjoy simple, goofy side-scrollers or top-downs where you basically just run around and beat things up (think Streets of Rage 2 or Castle Crashers or Diablo 3.) I don’t care for anything that requires actual hand-eye coordination and button dexterity — i.e. shooters, fight games, platformers. Aw man am I TERRIBLE at platforming games!! The only shooter I like is Borderlands 2, and for that I basically level the fuck out of my turret and grenades, and then find out of the way places to hide with a sniper. I am utterly useless with pistols or shotguns in that game. 

As far as tabletops, I’m not particularly into bluffing games or deck-builders, and shy away from most things that are super competitive (though there are weird, random exceptions to this!) I generally prefer cooperatives, or more Euro style games that (while technically a competition) leave room to let me merrily focus more on managing/building resources/systems as opposed to going hardcore head-to-head with someone. I like that it feels less like you’re competing against eachother, and more like you’re both competing against the system. That appeals to me.

What kind of music are you into?  I honestly have little bits of everything. Seriously. I can be quite indiscriminate when it comes to music. I guess I just like whatever touches my imagination or creativity in some way, and that can be very random / diverse. Either that, or it’s just something ridiculous that I can dance to in the kitchen, or sing badly in the car. As a result, I seem to always somehow offend the tastes of someone scrolling through my I-Tunes. Every. damn. time. 

What’s the first thing you remember writing?  The first things I remember writing (and finishing) were stories about my aunt+uncle’s dogs when I was about 8 yrs old. I think unknowing classmates may have been involved too..? They were all part of a special team that helped people in trouble. No, I have no idea if those stories still exist. 

Did you ever fan-fic? Yup. Totally did. From about 5/6th grade through high school I wrote fan-fiction for various Star Trek properties (but it was a lot of Voyager at the time.) I also dabbled in a little-known-or-remembered Sci-Fi channel series called Invisible Man, and even some Lord of the Rings. Actually there may have been some Farscape in there too…

What’s your favorite job you’ve ever held?  Other than getting paid for writing? I worked in a stable for a couple years. It was part of a camp. We helped kids do trail rides and the like. It was active and put me around horses/riding again. I enjoyed it a lot and quit only because of a protracted illness that affected my ability to keep up with the physical demands.

I also did work in a wine bar for 4 years. Overall it was your standard customer service nonsense, but in hindsight I adored that job for the simple fact that it was the thing that kicked me hard into a deeper exploration of wine.

So… do you get many Silence of the Lambs jokes?  I promise you: I have heard them all.

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