Not So Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a going-out or staying-in sort of person?  I’ll admit that I do trend towards staying-in, but with the right person/people I absolutely love a night out at a nice wine/cocktail bar or restaurant. (I am a sucker for long, coursed meals with good company.) 


Morning person? Or night owl?  I am unreservedly more of a night owl. It doesn’t matter how early I go to bed, how much sleep I get, etc… I do not bound merrily from bed. It takes me at least an hour or two to accelerate into a day. 


Any pets?  Very much so. Five cats. 


FIVE?? Whoa. Why do you have so many damn cats?? Hey, I know it sounds ridiculous; but this was never the intent. They started out as two sets of siblings that needed homes, that’s why. Two brothers + two sisters = immediate four kitty family. 

Then nine years later, Ginger Rogers (Gin) was found trying to live under our deck as a wee orphan kitten. After two days of giving her food, she was talking/purring, trying to climb into my lap, and following me back to the house. I promise we did search for a reliably good/safe home for her, but to no avail. She was a cuddly sweetheart, and we did not want to risk her life at a shelter (since the various no-kills in our area only take from the shelters, it would have been a gamble for her.)

The kitties get along very well (aside from the expected mild tiff here and there), and they all absolutely love talking at / spending time around people… ill comprehending that not every person necessarily loves them back. 


So do you not like dogs?  I like dogs a lot, actually. Even though, let’s face it, they require a lot more work and attention. Before we were adopted by an unexpected kitten, we were quite seriously preparing to add a puppy to the house. Now I think we’re full up. So for a while longer I’ll continue soaking up time with friends’ dogs instead.


Do you have any undeniable “favorite” movies or tv?   Many. I love stories, period. I have biases and tendencies, but I also have moods. I could point you to numerous stocked shelves scattered all over my house. Instead of asking me for a favorite, it’s generally better to ask about a specific title.


What about games? Video games? Tabletop games? Mobile games?

As far as video games: I have played every single Bioware title and (more often than not) loved it. Overall, I’m inclined to RPGs that story/character focus. Either that, or I swing the other direction and enjoy simple, goofy side-scrolling button mashers (i.e. Streets of Rage 2 or Castle Crashers.) Basically anything that requires actual button dexterity or better hand-eye coordination (like a shooter or platformer) and I’m TERRIBLE with it. (For the run of Borderlands I did with my husband, I just leveled the fuck out of my turret and grenades; it worked very well!) 

Tabletops can vary. I don’t like bluffing games or deck-builders, and shy away from most things that are super competitive (though there are weird, random exceptions to this!) I generally prefer cooperatives, and Euro style strategy games that (while technically a competition) leave room to let me merrily focus more on managing/building resources/systems as opposed to going hardcore head-to-head with someone. Who wants to play a cheerful game of Castles of Burgundy with some good wine??

I don’t play tons of mobile games. It’s largely either solitaire, or a variety of attractive puzzle games (think Two Dots or Monument Valley or Rop, etc…) Although the wonderful 80 Days is a marvelous exception.


Music?  I honestly have little bits of everything. Seriously. I can be quite indiscriminate when it comes to music. I guess I just like whatever touches my imagination or creativity in some way, and that can be very random / diverse. As a result, I seem to always somehow offend the tastes of someone scrolling through my I-Tunes. Every. damn. time.  


You’re a writer. What about books / authors that you love?  Again, there are many authors I love for various reasons. I am a writer, after all. I find that a difficult question. Maybe I’ll do a separate page just for that… Hmmm… 


Do you have a spirit animal?  Huh. I’m not really sure… Usually other people are more eager to tell me what they think it would be — and I find that interesting. 


Well what’s your sign? I am a Taurus. And for those who care about such things, you can also know that I am a Taurian moon as well, and a Virgo rising. Make of that what you will.


How do you like your coffee?  That’s an odd question. But if you would like to know: I favor bold, dark roasts, and I drink them black. And yes, my stomach does love me.


What about tea? I admit I have a hard time with tea. I don’t have the palate developed for it. Most tea just takes like unpalatable dirt water to me. 


You mentioned your wine. What kind of wine do you like? I’ll try to keep this as short and straightforward as possible… 

In regards to red: I am often drawn towards big, young, tannic wines with thick mouthfeels (Syrahs!); but I also love the mellow roundness of good, aged Burgundy. And hell, probably one of my absolute favorite wines ever is well-aged Brunello di Montalcino (those delicious bastards are steadily taking up more and more space as I snatch them up for aging.) In general, I would say we drink/keep tons of Old World food wines (i.e. France, Italy, Spain) more so than anything from Napa. But, at the same time, I have a weakness for intriguing New World blends and Zins, and my husband is a budding Pinot Noir snob (so you’ll see lots of bottles with either “Russian River Valley” or “Willamette, Oregon” on them.) And then we’ve also been branching into South African wines… 

… I guess it’s almost easier to say that what you won’t usually find in our house are sweeter wines, Merlots or Napa Cabs. 

And in regards to white wine, the key word for me is minerality. Or (as my husband has snarkily put it) wines that taste like licking rocks. I like whites with crisp fruit and high minerality. This often means the word unoaked appears fairly often. Yes, that means I am one of those people who drink my Chardonnay unoaked! It also means I keep a stock of mid-range Chablis. And then I also like Pinot Grigios and South African Chenin Blancs (the latter of which tend towards a higher minerality than those from France.)

In the summer I drink lots of sparkling wines, specifically bruts. Depending on the food and mood, it’s either bottles of Prosecco (Italy), Champagne (France), or Cava (Spain.) Though Prosecco is what we drink the most of. 


Wow. What about beer?  Umm… see ‘tea’ above. Again, it’s just not something I’ve developed the palate for. Yet. Maybe someday. In the same way some people who are super into beer can’t discern between wines, every time I try a beer all I taste are the hops.


What’s your favorite season? Autumn. Easily. Cool weather, sweaters and layering jackets, chic boots, red wine, blankets, warm comfort food.


Have you ever broken any bones? Which ones?  I have never broken a bone. Never even twisted a wrist or ankle. Somewhat miraculously, I never had to deal with an ER as a child. I was that boring kid who read or played by myself for hours.


What did you want to be when you grew up?  For most of my childhood I wanted to be an Olympic equestrian. I even took riding lessons for years (and showed in Horsemanship.) I quit riding in high school. Because teen girl = dumb choices sometimes. From about teenage years onward I started wanting to be involved in writing and film (though at one point I had a brief flirtation with the idea of pursuing chemistry.) 


When did you start writing?  It’s not like I have an exact date! However, I will offer that one of the first things I remember writing and finishing were stories about my aunt+uncle’s dogs when I was about 8 yrs old. I think unknowing classmates may have been involved too. They were all part of a special team that helped people in trouble.


Do those stories still exist? Huh. Good question. I’ll need to look into that.


Ok. Admit it: did you fan-fic? Yup. Totally did. From about 5/6th grade through high school I wrote fan-fiction for various Star Trek properties (but it was a lot of Voyager at the time), a little-known-or-remembered Sci-Fi channel series called Invisible Man, and even some Lord of the Rings. Actually there may have been some Farscape in there too…


What’s your favorite job you’ve ever held?  Other than getting paid for writing? I worked in a stable for a couple years. It was part of a camp. We helped kids do trail rides and the like. It was active and put me around horses/riding again. I enjoyed it a lot and quit only because of an illness that affected my ability to keep up with the physical demands (lugging/throwing hay bales becomes a wee bit difficult when you have a wicked case of mono.)

I also did work in a wine bar for 4 years. Overall it was your standard customer service nonsense, but in hindsight I adored that job for the simple fact that it was the thing that kicked me hard into a deeper exploration of wine.


Do you get many Silence of the Lambs jokes?  I promise you: I have heard them all.