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wholly invested in fictional characters

Hi, I’m Clarice

I am a writer of things, a consumer of stories (various shape & medium), a pop-culture enthusiast, and reformed obnoxious NY film student.

I have published a couple short stories (as Clarice Monet), and am currently working on my fifth SF/F book while searching for homes for the others.

I live with five (yes, five) cats that are too talkative and friendly, a cavalcade of judgmental bird and fish statues, and a cabinet of ugly coffee mugs.

I absolutely love thunderstorms, and blaring music in my house when cleaning and cooking.

I am constantly expanding my wine and bourbon knowledge (and collection), and maybe one day I’ll perfect my cocktail wizardry.

I’m also clearly the sort of person who loves taking pictures near statues of fabulous, shirtless Italian soldiers…

If you’d like to know anymore, please check out my Not So Frequently Asked Questions, as well as my Needless, Arbitrary Rankings of Things.

And of course you can always Contact me.

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