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IMG_4832This is far and away from a complete list. There are many amazing writers and artists doing great work, especially forwarding diversity in stories, and I can’t/don’t read everything.

But! When I do find or think of generally awesome people who are doing something awesome in some way or other, I’ll try to remember to throw them up here. 

Websiting is not a particular strength of mine which is all the more reason to direct attention to people who can talk about the things I care about it better than I feel I can.


First (and always) I am going to take a moment to tout my friend and fearless leader Hanna Brady who is a gamer, writer, game-writer, and Stout-hearted General for all variety of wonderful projects. Please go check her out.

(Hanna, you know you love me for including you!)

In general, please go check out the Writing Excuses gang if you would like to listen to smart and engaging people talking about important and useful things. Especially useful and interesting if you are a writer.


Some Writers I Love / You Should Check Out:

NK Jemisin  Mary Robinette Kowal  Joe Abercrombie  Amal El-Mohtar 

John Scalzi  Kameron Hurley  Saladin Ahmed  Aliette de Bodard  Hal Duncan 

Ursula Vernon  Scott Lynch  David Mitchell  Jasper Fforde  Elizabeth Bear 

Catherynne Valente 

A Few Short Story Venues That Do Great Things:






Strange Horizons



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